Sand Hills Nebraska, September 2015

Low rumble
Steel on steel
Chest heart ground shake
Coal train a comin' oh yeah
Coltrane a comin' oh yeah
Coal train a comin'
Coal train a comin'
Coltrane a comin' oh yeah
Horn cry grass fly
Buzz fly buzz
Go way fly way sky way
Planet fuck
We're fucked
Coal train a comin' oh yeah
Workin' in a coal mine
Goin' down down down
Like clockwork 135 cars
East and west
Headlights tail lights
Deep rumble
Bone crushing steel
Carryin' that carbon
To fuck the air up
Some more more more
Train whistle blowin'

Steel screamin' singin'
Screeching along
Dada Rada Rada
Dada Rada Rada
Come and gone
Come and gone
Sand Hills girl grown old
By them tracks
Time is a flyin' oh yeah
River dunk
Middle Loup
God it's hot
Sweet spring fed river
Grouse hunters
Millionaire golfers
Somewhere off in those hills
Shifting light
Subtle on sand grass
Tough grass
Burrs on shoes
Burrs on your ass
Keep those tweezers handy
How many times now?
Friendly folks in Jody's Pantry
Gluten free for Christ's sake

Yeah I'm from Fremont
How about that?
No we're not from Texas
Just the plates.
Betty of Mullen 85
Still carries her pocketknife
For castrating calves
Got 30 head
Blue eyed and smilin' out of the pages
Of 1978 National Geographic
On her horse with her little daughter
Now a Dean at U of N Lincoln
Small town friendly
Jody's son's pots fired with grasses embedded no glaze gorgeous
Train whistle rumble comin'
Grouse hunters up
Truck backin' out
Sand Hills Motel
Ground shakin'
Coffee makin'
Shoo fly don't bother me
Ground groanin'
Planet moanin'
Coltrane blowin'
Coal car a comin' oh yeah